The Adventures of Nika Noble: Three


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“Wait, no, your name is Samuel…Samuel…” Nika corrected the tall, gorgeous specimen standing in front of her with the knowing smile on his face. He shook his head and asked, “Why are you here again?”
Nika quickly replied, “To interview Stephen McDowell about…oh…wow.” She put two and two together.
“Yeah, Nika Noble,” he started, “my real name is Stephen and I hope you can forgive me for what I did to you all those years ago.”
Nika stared at him in disbelief, her cheeks burned red from embarrassment. She had fallen prey to a guy who didn’t have the balls to tell her who he really was, and all that time ago when she thought she’d found the guy she could possibly marry one day, he told her what she now knew was a lame lie about being picked up for a position overseas. And him leaving had broken her heart, so she started messing around with Kyle, and eventually began dating him.
“No. This is unreal. I’m off this story.” Nika muttered as she turned and started walking off. Stephen sped up after her and gently grabbed her arm. She looked down at his hand, then up at him. He looked her dead in the eyes, like he was begging for forgiveness.
“Please, stay on the story. It’ll give me a chance to explain. Everything.”
Nika considered it for a second; she could hear whatever it was that made him keep his true identity from her as well as why he left so abruptly. Seeing Stephen had brought back feelings she hadn’t experienced in so long, true feelings. He was the only guy she’d ever been with who made her feel alive, but she now knew that it was all based on a big lie. She yanked her arm back.
“No. You don’t get to just walk back in my life for five seconds so I can write a stupid story about your vain ass. Forget my name.” Nika turned and fled the scene like a hit and run, leaving Stephen standing there, mouth half open and dumbstruck.

The sun was still shining brightly, refusing to hide behind a rain cloud and turn the weather into how Nika felt. She wished that it would rain to at least get a cooler temperature, even if she couldn’t get a chance to let the rain drops wash away the tears hiding behind her eyes. She slipped into the driver seat of her Acura coupe and took out her cell phone. She dialed Rick’s off-duty cell number.
“Yello?” Rick answered the phone breathless, like he was in the middle of something nasty.
“It’s Nika. Look, I need you to give this story to someone else.”
“Uh, what story?”
“The story you gave me today, Rick.”
There was a pause and the sound of shuffling on his end of the line.
“Oh, the rich boy story. Why do you want off?”
Nika used everything she had not to shout at him. “It’s…it’s a conflict of interest.”
“Alright, we’ll talk about it tomorrow morning.”
That answer sufficed for the time being.
“Thanks.” Nika hung up before Rick had a chance to respond. She held her phone against her lips. She tried to process the situation, but she needed more time. She had no idea how she’d be able to shake him without closure, but there was no way she was meeting with him after all he’d put her through.
Nika stood in the doorway of their apartment and addressed her roommate who was sitting on the couch knitting like she wasn’t in her mid-twenties. “You won’t believe what happened to my life today.”
Erika raised her head to look at Nika through her glasses.
“What? Wait, let me guess,” Erika interrupted before Nika could answer, “it has to do with you, Kyle, and something about a copy room? Am I right?” She began knitting again.
Nika cocked her head at Erika and closed the front door as she walked in and sat down across from Erika.
“Haha, no. Does the name Samuel mean anything to you?”
Erika looked over at Nika and dropped her needle and yarn.
“I saw him today.”
“You’re kidding?”
Nika shook her head.
“Wasn’t he supposed to be fighting overseas or something? For like four years?”
“Contracting defense job. Anyway, long story, short it was all a lie.”
“I don’t get it.” Erika said after a minute and looked as confused as she sounded.
“Well,” Nika told Erika about the story and going to the hotel and how Samuel was actually Stephen and their brief encounter.
“Wow, Nika, you have to see him.” Erika urged.
“Hells not! He won’t get the pleasure.”
“You deserve to know why he just up and left you, and why he lied to you, and why he basically helped screw up your love life.”
“Thanks, for that last part. You hit it on the head.” Nika said sarcastically. “I don’t know how to be in front of him without slapping him. You don’t know how hard it was to keep my hands to myself at the Brinkley.”
Erika muttered, “I bet it was extra hard.”
“Oh! And the icing on the cake, he’s engaged to some other richy Richla…Richia…some rich bitch!” Nika threw her arms up.
“Oh. Well, maybe you shouldn’t see him…or, better yet, see him and get the story then write the story and mention how he’s a pig.”
Nika lowered her head, “I wish. Then he could sue the paper and I’d lose my job and be further on the shitty end of the stick. I’ll figure it out.”
Erika gave Nika a consolatory pout as she sulked off into her room.

The coming dusk created a pretty purple-hued sky along the horizon. Nika stared out of her window at nothing. The lonely evening aroused the same loneliness that Nika felt every time she caved in and contacted Kyle. She took out her phone and slid it between her fingers, contemplating whether or not to call Kyle; whether or not to let him use her and just throw her away.

Her phone vibrated and startled her, jolting her from the thoughts of another big mistake. She studied the screen. It was a media message that contained an image of a Polaroid picture she hadn’t seen in over 2 years. It was of Stephen and herself, laid up on a beach underneath a sunset not unlike the one she was witnessing at that very moment. The smile he had on his face while looking up at Nika seemed so real, so loving. The way she looked at him wasn’t any different. The only difference was that hers was a look of love and his was a look of…she didn’t even know. She remembered that night like it was playing on a projector at a drive-in on the back of her mind; it was the first time they’d ever made love.

“No! Stop it!” Nika shouted between giggles. Samuel was holding her up by the midsection and swinging her around in the crashing waves. He kissed her neck as he set her down in the wet sand.
“You’re so crazy!” Nika playfully hit him on the chest.
“What are you talking about? I’m so confused.” Samuel began tickling her. She broke off into a run up the shore.
“I’m gonna get you!” Sam shouted after her, “And when I do I’m gonna put the tickle down on you!” He finally caught up to her and gently dragged her down in the sand. Nika rolled over and laid perpendicularly on his chest, looked into his eyes and smiled the biggest smile she’d ever felt on her face. A flash went off next to them. They looked up to see a an older woman with a Polaroid camera hanging around her neck, waving a picture quickly back and forth.
“You two looked so happy, I thought you might want permanent proof of it to look back on in the future.” Nika smiled at the woman, who handed her the picture and walked away, her linen dress flowing with the breeze.

Before Nika could say anything, Samuel grabbed her face and kissed her deeply, tasting her tongue and breath, his fingers tangled up in her hair. Nika returned the kiss, and pressed into his body; she tried to become one with him. She stood up, grabbed his hand. They looked at each other knowingly. She, still holding on to his hand, led him towards a nearby pier. They walked off into the darkness, the only thing guiding their steps was the light from the moon.

Underneath the pier, Samuel laid their large towel down on top of the sand. Nika unhooked the top of her bikini, unleashing her tight, supple breasts. Her nipples were hard, yearning to be touched. Samuel stared at them, excitement flowing through his veins, down to his loins. He shifted towards her and felt her and fondled her softly. Nika let out a small sigh as she tried not to completely melt in his arms. He nibbled on her neck, lightly biting with the tips of his teeth. The nibbles turned to kisses and he spread them all over her neck and then her lips and then her chest. He got on his knees and started sucking her reddish-brown, tingling nipples one at a time, softly, churning his tongue all around them. Nika tilted her head back, enjoying every second of that present. She ran her hands up the back of his head, imagining his golden hair between her fingers, trying to encourage him to suckle harder. He pulled away, then pulled her down to the level of his face, and drew her in to his lips again. She licked his bottom lip, then she found his tongue and sucked on it, letting her own tongue tease it. She enjoyed the soft, wet, bumpy surface of it, and let it massage her until it turned numb.

He picked Nika up by the waist and laid her on the towel, his body on top of hers, their lips still glued together. Samuel pulled away from her yearning, quivering lips and licked her body, slowly, down to her navel. He sat back on his knees and slowly pulled off her bikini bottoms. He then gently opened her legs. He played with her clit then licked his fingers and gently slid his index into her opening. She writhed in pleasure. He used his thumb to rub her clit while easing his finger in and out, in and out. He brought his head down and replaced his thumb with his tongue and licked her clit, then he switched it up to sucking. Nika’s moans mixed in with the sound of the waves crashing into each other. She grabbed a hand full of his hair and kept massaging his head as he massaged her. She felt that feeling sneaking up on her, slowly, as long as Samuel kept doing what he was doing.

He took one last suck of her clit. He was ready. He couldn’t hold it in anymore. He took his dick out, but before he could move any further, Nika sat up and grabbed it. She bent down and put it in her mouth, wetting it with her saliva and running her tongue up and down his shaft. She sat up and laid back down on the towel, watching Samuel as he gently inserted himself into her opening. He kept easing in and out, until he got as deep as he could go. He rocked his body sideways and forward and backward and around and around, deeply, deeply. Nika wanted to grab him, grab at something to hold him tight. It felt like if she didn’t somehow get anchored down, the ecstasy she was experiencing would make her shoot of into the stars. She wanted to let out loud moans of pleasure, but the ocean had gone silent. She sat up and pushed him so that he sat tilted back. She wrapped her legs around his lower half and began moving her hips back and forth into his. His dick hit her spot at every move, and she couldn’t contain herself any longer. She let out a loud moan. Out somewhere in the distance, they heard a dog mimic it, snapping them out of their groove. They looked at each other and laughed, heartily. Samuel reached in front of him and grabbed her head and kissed her, then whispered “I love you” in her ear. The words and the feeling of his breath so close to her made her shiver. It was at that moment that she knew he was something special.

Nika pushed him all the way down onto the towel and began to ride him. She squeezed herself around him every time she rose, and then fell even deeper. That feeling came over her. The waves of pleasure took her out of that world and into space; all she could see were stars behind her eyelids. She sank down on top of Samuel. She came beautifully; the pulsations of her insides in turn did the same for him. He pulled out and sprayed his love all over Nika’s breasts, his dick hard and throbbing.

Nika’s chest heaved up and down as she tried to catch her breath. Samuel wiped her off with his t-shirt and then himself. Nika sat up behind him and put her arms around his neck as he stared off into the distance. She whispered, “I love you, too” in his ear.

Nika’s phone vibrated again, and once again, it jolted her from her memories. It was a text message from the number Stephen’s publicist gave her.

Please meet with me.

Nika hesitated before responding. She did deserve to know everything, but what if he lied again? There was no way of knowing. At the end of the day, Pandora’s box was already opened; there was no way to go back in time and erase their encounter. She typed back:


The Adventures of Nika Noble: Two


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Nika woke with a start. She looked over at her alarm clock, lingering in the stare with disbelief in her eyes. She couldn’t have possibly slept through her alarm. She snatched it from her nightstand, glanced at the back and laughed ironically. The alarm hadn’t even been turned on.

She dropped the clock on her bed and began rushing to get ready for work. She hurriedly brushed her teeth while putting on a cream-colored silk button-up blouse and cuffed shorts. She finished getting ready and raced out of her room. She looked at the empty key hanger. Her keys were not there.

“You’ve got to be shitting me!” she shouted angrily. She was already 45 minutes late for work and it would take another 20 minutes to actually get there. All she wanted to do was pull her hair out by the hand full. She searched frantically around the apartment, remembering that the night before, she threw her keys down somewhere on the floor. They were still nowhere in sight. The sound of ringing began to fill the room. And now her phone was going off. She looked at the screen and began to sweat; it was her supervisor. Nika struggled with the decision to pick up or let the phone go to voicemail. Either way, her irritating supervisor would get in her tail, so she chose the former.

“This is Nika.” her tone full of frustration.

“Hey, uh, this is Rick.” He paused like he expected Nika to grovel or something,

“Just calling to find out where you are, but it sounds like you’re in that traffic jam on I-65, so uh, just get here when you can.” her supervisor said in the douchey way he talked.

“Yeah, I’m in that traffic jam.” Nika softened her tone as she fibbed. “I think there’s a bad accident. I’ll pick up some bagels to make up for it.” she was saved, but only because she didn’t take I-65 to work.

“Sounds good, uh, see you soon.” Nika ended the call and let out a sigh of relief. She could search for her keys in a somewhat semblance of calm. She got down on her hands and knees and looked under the sofa and the dining room table, even though she hadn’t even gone in the dining room. She crawled back into the living room. Just as she was about to give up and call in to work, feigning ill or possible car wreck, a glimmer of something shiny caught her eye. She turned her head towards the coffee table and saw her keys, along with a folded piece of paper, sitting right in front of her face. Nika swiped the note off of the table.

I found these on the floor under the coat rack. I thought you might need them.

P.S. I <;3 you XOXO


Despite her being more like an older sibling or mother than a roommate and best friend, Nika loved Erika and her jauntiness. Nika could commit murder and Erika would be there with some soap, a towel, and a smile to help wash the blood off of her hands.

Nika picked up a stray pen from the coffee table and drew a happy face on the clear side of the note and left it on the table for Erika to see.


The office was bustling with people when Nika arrived. She set the box of bagels on the conference room table and went to find Rick. Before she could make it two steps, Terry blocked her way.

“Nika! What is going on girl?” He threw his arms up like he hadn’t just seen her yesterday. Nika chuckled and tried to move past him.

“Terry! I need to go find Richard!” She whined as Terry kept blocking her path.

“Fine, but I’m going to need to see you in my office ASAP.” He looked in her eyes with a serious glare while he referenced his cubicle.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” She mumbled as she smiled and hurried past him.

She finally found Rick, who was standing in a group of her male coworkers huddled around a computer. She looked through a gap at what looked like a woman and a horse doing the most unthinkable thing. Nika made a gagging sound and the guy operating the computer quickly minimized the screen as all the men turned towards her. She looked at them in disgust. She sought Rick out and gave him a repulsed half smile. Rick looked at her, smoothed his greasy, black hair back like he’d done nothing wrong and shifted away from the horse cubicle.

“Hey, uh, you’re here. Where’re those bagels? I’ve been thinking about them all morning.”

“They’re in the conference area. I’m just letting you know I’m here.” Nika could barely look at her supervisor’s sunken in face. “You have anything for me today?” She hated being around Rick for even the shortest amount of time.

“Yeah.” He snatched a paper that one of the horse sodomy guys was reading out of his hands and handed it to Nika.

“We just got a story in about some, uh, rich dude who’s going around acting like he’s not rich. Son of some bitchy socialite or something. Anyways…”

It’s ‘anyway’, Nika thought-corrected him. “…uh, I need you to go do some research and maybe, uh, possibly some interviews. Well, definitely some interviews. Bullock wants to know what’s up with this guy.” Rick opened his blazer and put his hands on his hips like he had oh so much to do.

Nika nodded and made it look as if she was deeply intrigued with what was on the paper so she could get away without having to listen to anymore poor English.

“What do you want?” Nika asked Terry, who was sitting in his cubicle with one earphone in, reading their online newspaper. Nika sat down on a computer chair in the spacey area next to Terry’s desk. He swiveled in his chair to face Nika.

“Word on the street is you messing with ya old dude again.” Terry wasn’t known for beating around bushes. Nika let out an annoyed sigh. She should have known Kyle would open his big mouth. It hadn’t even been 24 hours yet and he was blabbing all over the world. If only he would put that big mouth to better, more recreational use.

“I see Mr. Tech Support has already spread the bad news.” Nika grumbled, shifting in her chair.

“Don’t be a hater now, Nika. You know he’s a web developer, making those big bucks. Isn’t that why you started dating him in the first place?” Terry joked. Nika rolled up her paper and playfully hit him with it.

“Whatever.” Nika began whispering so the whole office wouldn’t start eavesdropping, “And yes. It’s only been a couple of times. We only broke up a month and a half ago. People still have sex with their exes this far out.”

Terry turned back to his computer and shook his head. “Yeah, people who are mentally deranged and women who aren’t over their exes.” He bent his head toward Nika and winked, “Plus, he’s already talking to somebody else, so I’m sure you’re the only one still in love here.”

Nika exhaled exasperatedly, “Oh please Terry! First off, it’s not just women who don’t get over their exes,” she gave Terry a wide-eyed stare to help him remember his ended not-so-long-ago relationship just in case he’d forgotten, “and secondly, I would appreciate it if you did not refer to that idiot, myself, and ‘love’ in the same conversation. If it’s anything, I’m mentally deranged.”

Terry chuckled under his breath. The deep baritone of his voice made Nika shiver. He was the type of guy, visually, that Nika found to be perfect for procreation. He was tall with an athletic body. His skin was the color of brown sugar, with burnt cranberry-colored lips, like he’d spent most of his young adult years smoking Black & Milds. His eyes were so dark brown that they looked black, and what topped it off were those thick, long eyelashes. He was a mixture of West Indian and some Native American, Nika believed. If only Terry liked only women. He was bisexual and his preference leaned more towards the testy side of the board. Nika was satisfied with just being his friend; she could still look at him and wish.

“I’m still pissed at you.” Terry interrupted her thoughts as he began swiveling from side to side in his chair.

“And why is that?” Nika welcomed the conversation change, though she had no idea what Terry was talking about.

“James? I gave you his number…you were supposed to call him weeks ago…”

“Ooooh, I completely forgot.”

“Yeah, I know. You were busy messing with Kyle. But I digress.” Terry said before Nika could interrupt. “Please just call him, or text him even. He’s a nice guy, tired of the same slut scene, plus he’s damn sexy.”

“Hey, Noble,” Patricia, Rick’s assistant popped her head into Terry’s cubicle, “Rick wanted me to let you know that Mr. Bullock needs something, anything, on his desk by the end of the day.”

Nika acknowledged the message, and then started up to leave. “Fine. I’ll fit him somewhere in my busy schedule.”

“You better.” Terry turned back to his computer as Nika began towards her own cubicle.


The hot sun bore down on Nika’s face as she stood outside of the glamorous Brinkley Hotel. She squinted beneath her thick cat-eye sunglasses at the turnstile doors, looking through the snobs that kept walking in and out of the entrance. She had gotten in touch with the rich guy’s publicist, who’d set up an initial meeting between the two. Nika found out that the guy’s name was Stephen McDowell and he was the heir to a small fortune from sugar cane plantations.

Nika made her way inside of the hotel. She still looked frazzled from her crazy morning, which caused everyone to look at her like an outsider and the concierges to ignore her presence. Except for one.

“Ma’am,” an older man in a concierge outfit said to her with his nose turned up, “may I help you with something?”

Nika gave him a quick sideways glance, and then rolled her eyes. “No, you may not.” She walked away before he could say anything else. A familiar face caught her eye and caused her to have to catch her breath. Before she could look away, the face caught sight of her too. A small, shy smile crept over his face as he made his way over to where she had stopped mid-step.

“Samuel.” She said to the tall, tanned, blond-haired man in the cream suit whose face she’d missed for so long, whose presence made her want to rip her clothes off in front of all those people in that lobby.

“No, it’s Stephen. Stephen McDowell.”

The Adventures of Nika Noble: One


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“Hurry up.” Kyle whispered to a nervous Nika who was trying to get the zipper down on his jeans. She jiggled it repetitively and said, “I’m not the one with the broken pants.” She forcefully yanked at it one more time, and finally the zipper came down. As it did so, she brushed her hand against his hardened dick. Nika felt a wave of warm tingles rush down her body. Kyle leaned in closely and she could feel that hardness against her warmth. Nika’s whole body was bathed in those delicious tingles. Kyle’s warm breath against her neck made her want to melt all over him. She ran her hands up his muscular chest and biceps, and then wrapped them around his neck and jumped in his arms, her legs crossed behind him. He positioned his hands underneath her soft butt and held her up securely as he pulled his cock from the small hole in his boxers. He rubbed it against her warm wetness.

Nika took in Kyle’s spicy scent. It filled her nostrils as her breathing became shallow. She squirmed a little as Kyle entered her roughly.

“Kyle! That hurts.” Nika whispered harshly. She lost the groove and the feeling for a second, until Kyle gently kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, “I’m so sorry.” Nika shivered from the pressure of his breath in her ear.

Nika bit his neck as Kyle quickened his pace, pumping in and out of her deeper and deeper each time. The painful pleasure made Nika writhe in his arms. She dug her nails into Kyle’s back while he bent his knees to lower himself and get a deeper angle.

“Mmm, damn baby.” Kyle let out a deep breath of hot air. She knew what was coming and immediately lost the feeling.

Kyle pulled his cock out and reached for a nearby paper towel, rubbing out his cum, as Nika turned red with frustration. He could feel Nika’s tension, as he’d felt it many times before, but he didn’t know how to approach her afterwards; it was too awkward.

“Did you finish?” he avoided eye contact as he wiped the last bit of cum off himself and tucked everything back in.

“Of course not.” Nike replied harshly, her eyes burning into the side of Kyle’s face, wishing he’d stop avoiding eye contact so he could see how pissed she was. She used her skirt to wipe herself off, that act adding to her pisstivity. He couldn’t even offer her something to wipe off with. She shook her head, shame creeping up on her.

“My mom will be here soon.” Kyle said as he walked quickly from the room. Nika knew how to let herself out. She grabbed her keys from the small side table of his living room and huffed out noisily. She knew her irritation meant nothing to Kyle, but she wanted him to know how she felt regardless.

Once she reached her car, which was parked a couple of houses up; she got in and hit the steering wheel out of frustration. She knew her hair and makeup was a mess, but she couldn’t bring herself to face her reflection in the rearview mirror. She took off in the night, leaving a little bit of her dignity behind.

It was dark, save for the light of the TV when Nika arrived at her apartment. She was hoping that Erika, her roommate, had just left it on and was in the bed, but she knew there was a slim chance of that being the case as Erika was an energy conservation-freak and would never leave the television on without someone watching it.

“And where have you been” Erika asked jokingly like a parent from her seat on the couch. She stretched to turn on the table lamp before Nika could make it past Erika to her room.
“Oh no.” Erika mumbled. She already knew what had just occurred.
“Please Erika, not now. I just want to take a shower and forget that ever happened.” Nika threw her keys down. She stood where she was and wiped her face with her hands as if someone had just dumped a pail of water over her head. Another day, another mistake. It seemed as if she was constantly making those lately. Suddenly, images of the dark room and Kyle touching her hot flesh entered her mind. The images made her cringe.

“Nika all I’m saying is, you always do this and you always feel like crap afterwards. Don’t you think it’s time to call it a day with this loser?” Erika pushed her big Audrey Hepburn-esque prescription glasses up her slender nose. She had her hair up in a messy bun, making her overall look sexy librarian-like.

Nika held her hand up. She didn’t want or need to hear Erika’s rant. Nika knew that what she was doing was wrong and didn’t need anyone to tell her about it. Erika shrugged and turned the lamp back off.

While water was getting hot, Nika began undressing herself. She threw her Kyle-ridden clothes across the floor as if they actually held him in them. Erika was right; Kyle was a loser and he had been even when they were dating. He was inconsiderate and selfish, controlling to say the least, and the cherry on top of it all was that he had never let her cum. Even after they broke up and she stupidly decided to become his walking pocket-pussy; he would get off and it would be over. He wouldn’t even take the time to go down on her to make up for it.

Nika shook the thoughts of Kyle from her being. She wished that the night’s events would be the last, but she knew it wasn’t that easy. Somehow she couldn’t shake the guy who’d consistently made her feel like a fool. She stepped into the steamy shower. The hotter than warm water fell over her skin like a surprise rain in the middle of a hot savannah summer. She put one hand against the blue and white tiled shower wall and let the water rinse her sorrows away. With them, Kyle’s sweaty remnants washed down the drain. Nika swept her medium length brown hair from her face. She wiped steam off of the clear shower curtain to double check that the door was locked.

The warm tingly feeling that she felt between her legs earlier returned as she slowly and softly caressed her nipples. The flesh underneath her fingers became hard and sensitive. She inhaled through her teeth and exhaled a yearning sound. She teased herself; jiggled at her nipple while tickling the area above her clit. She bit her lower lip. The shower droplets sensually tapped her breasts; she couldn’t continue the torment for much longer.

Nika reached for the showerhead handle and took it from its mount on the wall. She rotated the pressure to the pulsing massager and lifted her leg up onto the metal washcloth handle on the wall. While letting the water massage her clit, she inserted her middle finger into her cunt. She wiggled it around her g-spot as she eased it in and out.
The constant pulsations from the showerhead were making her body shake with desire to cum. The lines of that wondrous feeling were moving in and out of her body at various angles. She was trying hard to reach the peak, the now warm water melting her clit. Her fingering motions hastened and she felt her g-spot swell with pleasure. Her body grew rigid as the feeling spread throughout her body, those magnificent sensations moving outward like ripples in a pond. She let out a great sigh of satisfaction; she felt as if a big weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

Nika finished showering and dried off. She tied her robe as she walked through the apartment like a new woman. Erika had gone to bed, but lights from the street guided Nika to the kitchen where she took a strawberry Popsicle out of the freezer. She ran the cold treat over the back of her neck. The heat wasn’t yet unbearable, but it was slowly getting there as the days progressed into summer. She took the Popsicle from its wrapper and formed her mouth around it. She slowly savored its sweetness as she slid her tongue over it and under it and over it again. The strawberry juices glided down her throat as she leaned up against the sink. Kyle had finally left her mind and after her sexy shower session with herself, she found a little strength to call it quits with him.

She sucked the rest of the Popsicle off of the stick and threw the naked stick in the garbage. Tomorrow was another day and she was ready to conquer it, head first.